Face & Body Salvation

Face & Body Salvation

£80 (inc VAT) | 130ml

How to use

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A versatile face and body mist for a top-to-toe enzymatic treatment, to swiftly repair and hydrate the skin.

Harnessing the unique properties of Dr Bragi’s marine enzymes, this innovative hydrating mist keeps the skin continuously supple throughout the day, whilst effectively treating areas prone to sagginess and hyper-pigmentation such as the neck and chest.

The enzymes’ exfoliating actions help to target patches of rough skin whilst repairing damage. Ideal for travelling, sun-damaged skin and after waxing or shaving.

How to use

Simply spritz evenly over the face and body as part of your daily skin care routine.

For best results massage into the skin to promote circulation and lymphatic drainage.

Safe to use during pregnancy and around the eye contour.


Water (Aqua Purificata), Glycerin, Alcohol, Calcium Chloride, Tromethamine, Acetic Acid, Trypsin, Chymotrypsin.

The science behind Dr Bragi

Dr Bragi’s patented marine enzymes are like no other cosmetic ingredient available...when subjected to body temperature, they become ‘super-active’ and more powerful than other enzymes.

As recommended by

“Anything oil based would aggravate my skin, Dr Bragi is really good because it's not full of oil and rubbish. It's pure.”
Erin O'Connor

What our customers are saying…

My skin felt smooth, comfortable, gloriously hydrated and... clean. I felt as if every pore had been cleansed and the mask's greatest virtue is the result around the eye area.

This is a fantastic moisturiser that I have been trying out for about 3 weeks and I am extremely pleased with how effective it has been.

After a few days of using it day and night, my skin looked much fresher and luminous and very soft to touch and a little goes a long way with this product.